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All Counties  Surplus, LLC., is a private company that is fully bonded, licensed and insured. Located in Palm Beach County, Florida. We audit many Government Agencies and locate lost, unclaimed or abandoned funds that are hard to find. Most of these claims are not listed on internet databases, therefore, it is not likely that rightful owners of a claim would ever be notified. We specialize in locating  and recovering these funds for the rightful owners.


All Counties  Surplus, LLC., was founded by Sara Lowe Private Investigator with 10 years of experience helping recover funds available to individuals from real estate foreclosure, tax deed sales, estate heirs, escrow holdings or deposits.


We are proud members of Florida Association Of Licensed Investigators (FALI).


All Counties  Surplus, LLC., prides itself by providing a valuable service at a reasonable price. We treat each client with the same amount of care regardless of the ultimate value of their claim.

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